Range of application

The Ex wireless switchgear are suitable for the most various indoor and outdoor applications. There are position, pull-wire, foot switches and command devices in different versions available. The wireless switchgear can be used for endstop functions, command signals or security tasks in explosive-endangered areas. All applications where wireless is of big advantage. Wireless and self-sufficient switches possess a high potential to optimize the entire machinery and plant industry, e.g. more flexible constructions for movable or self-sufficient plant parts, as well as easier, more favourable installations, especially upgrades. In potentially explosive atmospheres, wireless switchgear devices offer particular advantages for every wired connection is a potential risk. The wireless switchgear transmits signals wireless and generates the necessary energy itself, according to the "Energy Harvesting" principle. The means: no cable, no connectors, no battery!

The Ex switches are suitable for application in zone 1 and 2, as well as zone 21 and 22 according to ATEX 2014/34/EU.

Design and operating principle

The Ex wireless switchgear is based on the EnOcean wireless technology. The energy required for the wireless technology is generated from the electro-dynamic energy generator. For example the energy is drawn from the actuation of the switch itself. Through this method switchgear can be operated without any batteries. They are self-sufficient and are therefore wireless and maintenance-free. The signal transmission is carried out on the licence-free SRD band (Short Range Devices) at 868 MHz at 10 mW transmission power. On actuation of the switchgear a very short telegram is spontaneously sent out that contains an individual 32 bit identification number and the usable information. The wireless signals are processed by receiver units. The degree of protection of all the Ex wireless switchgear is IP 65/67. The wireless switchgear can be fitted in any desired mounting position.

All Ex wireless switchgear shown in this chapter bear the CE mark according to ATEX 2014/34/EU.

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